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January 29, 2009

Tax Planning

A proper tax planning can help you to save a considerable amount of your hard earned money. It can help you to maximize the deductions and ultimately reduce your tax burden. There are many Individuals who are not quite aware of the tax reduction procedures and lose their money.

The method of tax planning will differ from one person to another based on his monthly income, filing status, investments or savings plan, taxable income cap etc. A person with same income as another person may have to pay more taxes due to lack of eligible tax-deductible savings.

Plan in Advance

It is always advisable to plan your tax liability in advance, most probably at the time of new financial year. Taxable income (tax brackets) is being set by the Tax regulators (IRS) on a yearly basis. You could plan on investing on Tax saving Investments after identifying the tax bracket applicable to you.

Tax Consultant

Consulting a Tax Consultant is a good idea to save maximum money by reducing your tax burden. A Tax consultant is a professional who can guide you in the best way through his expertise and experience. Although you will have to incur a small fee as consultation fee, you can save a considerable amount of money. You can also use Tax software like TurboTax offered by Intuit, Inc. which helps to maximize your deductions and also helps to file your return to the IRS over the Internet.

Tax Savings Investment

One can reduce his tax burden by investing in close-ended Mutual funds or long term Bank Deposits. These financial instruments not only help us to increase the money we invest, but also serve as a tax deduction.

Other Deductions

One can also reduce his tax burden through other deduction like stated below:

1. Interest paid towards Student Loan
2. Interest paid towards Home mortgage
3. Gift or Chartable Contributions
4. Casualty Loss Deduction
5. Amount of property tax paid

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