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June 16, 2009


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Everyone’s talking about the housing market these days. I don’t have a mortgage or even own a house yet; I rent. Lots of people are choosing to rent now. It’s cheaper on a lot of people—especially families—and all of a sudden there are better deals to entice more people to rent, the number of sitting tenants has increased dramatically over the last year or so.

On the other hand, a lot more people are losing their houses. I see so many empty houses on the street with for sale signs in front. The houses are cheaper, too, for a fast property sale. The owners are trying to attract buyers that have plenty of money and want to make a cheap investment by renovating it later. Looking at the vacant homes, I can’t help but feel sorry for all the people who were facing property repossession and had to vacate. This has become a real issue for many people lately, displacing many families and disrupting even more lives.

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