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February 24, 2009

5 Different Ways Your Credit Affects Your Mortgage Application

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Getting your mortgage application approved is not easy. There are many things a mortgage lender will check before approving your mortgage application. Here is a list of 5 major factors that your credit have on your mortgage application.

* Past credit behavior
* Depth of credit history

* Current credit balances

* Number of credit line
* Number of credit inquires

Past credit behavior

You need to be punctual when paying back your loan. It is very important that your monthly installments are paid on time. Late payments will be shown on your credit report which will make it almost impossible to get your mortgage application approved.

Depth of credit history

Debt of history credit will show your mortgage lender the amount of time you have had credit. Each credit line that you have has a start date listed and it would be helpful for you if you have a credit that has been open for at least a year.

Current Credit balances

Current credit balances will show you how much of your different credit lines you are using up. Try to avoid reaching to close to your maximum credit balance because your credit may start to decline, which will make it harder to get your mortgage application approved.

Number of credit lines

This will show your mortgage lender the number of credits you have had in the past. It would be very useful if your previous credits have been managed successfully.

Number of credit inquires

Your mortgage lender will probably look at the number of credit inquiries you have made recently. The more you have – the lower your credit rating will be.

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