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February 2, 2009

Investing in Internet businesses

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In an evermore financially challenging world, we often wonder what else we can possibly do to make things better. And all of us might have different answers. For some, investing money into stocks might be a good way to go, but not everyone has the money to do it. Some might get a second job, although this is really not necessary for everyone. Some might go back to college to get a higher education, but not all of us have the time and resources to do this.

However, there is one option that practically anyone could take advantage of, and that is investing in an internet business. An internet business is great for several reasons. One, it is inexpensive to get started. You can write a blog and put Google Adsense on it for free! And it is really inexpensive to set up a nice website and start earning ad revenues from it, or even doing some affiliate hosting for a profit! Also, online stores are all the rage right now. (more…)

January 7, 2009

Multiply your Money

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Money is a powerful tool that helps a human being to purchase things of his desire, buy foods, buy a home, buy a car, afford for vacations and what not? It is essential that we safeguard such powerful tool and make more money to lead a stress-free and happy life. It is not a good idea to possess all the money in our hand or as a single Investment. The surplus money we have apart from the reserves for our day to day expenses and emergency expenses can be invested prudently. There are various ways of multiplying your money thru various Investments.

Certificate of Deposit

Investing your money in the form of “Certificate of Deposit” in a Bank is the safest way but offers moderate return compared to other Investments. Some long term deposits may offer the benefit of Tax Savings. (more…)

January 1, 2009

Financial Goals

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Financial Goals play a vital role in a person’s life to achieve his dreams and to financially secure himself or his family at the time of crisis. A proper financial goal can help to save better for future and manage your existing wealth in a productive way. Without a proper financial goal, a person may not be in a position to identify his future expenses or properly utilize the money in his hand.

Realistic Target

While setting a financial goal, you need to make sure that the targets set by you are realistic. If you set a goal that is very hard to achieve or beyond your capability, then it would be a waste of time and that financial goal will not serve its purpose.

Risk profile

If you are looking for high returns, then you must be prepared to take high risks. If you opt for low risk investments, then the returns will be of low to medium range. To take high risk or low risk really depends upon your personal financial condition, future expenses and of course on your interest.


A proper financial goal should always motivate the individual to save money. You can set a fixed amount to be saved in specific periods (based on your income). A real life example can be: My monthly income is $5,000. My monthly expenses are $3,500. I have a surplus of $1,500. I can hold $500 either by cash or at bank for emergency expenses. $1000 can be saved in some monthly savings plan, which yields good return.

Investment Strategy

The money you possess in your hand apart from the one for emergency expenses can be invested wisely in “Certificate of Deposit”, Mutual Funds or Equity Funds based on your choice. Investments help to increase the money you possess.

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