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December 4, 2009

Budgeting ideas for couples

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If you are a couple, and trying to figure out a system for spending your money, then here is a key piece of information for you to remember… if  you DO NOT have a system, you will come up short a lot more often then you would like. But, on the other hand, coming up with a budget and a way to distribute  your money can cause even the most mediocre of payrolls to go a lot farther than you could have anticipated… and here are some keys to making those dollars last when it really counts.

First of all, don’t calculate your budget by month, but by week. So, if rent is due on the first, start saving a little every week for it instead of using one whole paycheck. Do the same with all of your bills. Doing this may seem to cut in on your spending money every week, but this is actually the revelation of an illusion… that is all of the spending money you actually have! Paying the whole bill with your check, or paying your bills late, is actually not going to give you more spending money, but is, in fact, going to cause you to fall more behind. (more…)

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