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January 7, 2009

Multiply your Money

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Money is a powerful tool that helps a human being to purchase things of his desire, buy foods, buy a home, buy a car, afford for vacations and what not? It is essential that we safeguard such powerful tool and make more money to lead a stress-free and happy life. It is not a good idea to possess all the money in our hand or as a single Investment. The surplus money we have apart from the reserves for our day to day expenses and emergency expenses can be invested prudently. There are various ways of multiplying your money thru various Investments.

Certificate of Deposit

Investing your money in the form of “Certificate of Deposit” in a Bank is the safest way but offers moderate return compared to other Investments. Some long term deposits may offer the benefit of Tax Savings.

Mutual Funds

Investing in Mutual Funds is more profitable than a Bank Deposit. The money invested by you is carefully invested by the Fund Managers. The Investor can choose the type of Mutual Fund that is more aptful for him.


Investment in Shares is risky but offers good returns especially if you have a sound knowledge in Share trading. Unlike the Mutual Funds, the Investor can purchase the Shares of his choice and sell them at his convenience. In the recent months, many have lost interest in investing on Shares due to the wide spread economic crisis.

Property Investment (Real Estate)

Investment on Properties (Land or Home) is more suitable for Individuals who have sufficient money and can afford to buy a property either by their own or thru Home Loans. Land rates keep on increasing at a faster pace. Apart from the fact that the purchased Home would have a good value in the next few years, you could also earn additional income by renting or leasing the Home or Property.


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