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February 25, 2011

Save money by walking instead of driving

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Ok, so the title might be a bit extreme at first glance… after all, cars are for driving, right? Who really has time to walk everywhere, or even ride a bike nowadays? In an age where we race to and fro, from business meeting to soccer game and back again, it can be hard to tell whether we are coming or going. To people who live very busy lives, or to people who are used to driving absolutely everywhere, it might seem absurd that you could find the time or the energy to actually walk anywhere… much less to do it everyday!

Well, as right as you may be to say that the concept of leaving the car behind full-time is a bit outlandish, there is another side to the coin that deserves a proper in-depth look… if you are not really ready to sell your car and ride your bike to work every single day, why not come up with a few compromises?

If you live far away from your workplace, then you might have no other option but to drive to work. However, what about lunch time? Odds are good that there are plenty of good places to eat within easy walking distance of your workplace, especially if you work in town! Why not toss the keys on the desk and take a relaxing walk to your favorite lunch spot? This will save you some money on gas in the long run, but it can also relax you and give you some time to rejuvenate your senses. Driving all the time is actually quite stressful, whereas walking can help you to take a deep breath and just be by yourself for a little while. No red lights, no honking horns… and best of all, none of that $4-per-gallon-gas getting sucked into your engine and burning to fumes!

Now, if you live close to your workplace, and if your neighborhood is a pretty safe one, it might actually be very beneficial to ride a bike or walk to work instead of taking the car. Over time, this can save you a lot of money in fuel. Even if you only walk or ride a bike a few days a week, this will build up over time to really cut down on your vehicle‘s operating costs.

Whether you walk to work, or just up the road to the convenient store, walking is as good for your pocket-book as it is for your well-being! So if you find yourself about to set out on a quick little jaunt on a nice summer day sometime as spring gets underway, really put some thought into leaving the car behind, and sporting some tennis shoes and walking shorts for a change!

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