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January 14, 2010

Finance tip to save you money – learn to cook

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More Americans spend extra money eating out than you would possibly believe!  Think about it – every time you go out to a restaurant, you order enough food for you and whoever is going with you. How much does it cost? You might be eating fast food, or you might be getting a steak dinner but whichever is the case, stop and think for a minute about how much it would cost to buy the groceries and cook the food at home? You will probably come to a realization that, with the money you spent eating out, you could have eaten three or four times with the groceries you could have bought!

If you are tired of draining your bank account every Friday when you go out for dinner, then think about buying some groceries and cooking at home. Not into cooking? Well, I’ll bet you change your mind when you see how good of a job you can do! When you taste that home cooked steak, cooked to perfection by your own hands on your own grill, you will probably wonder why you would ever pay someone to do something that you can do so well yourself!

So, next time you feel like a special meal, just run to the grocery store, get what you need, come home, and get it ready. Not only will this save you money, but it will also give you a good sense of accomplishment. Cooking at home is a challenge, but it is something that you can learn and feel good about once you start noticing improvement!

So start saving more money, and learn how to cook at home! In fact, with the money you save, you might even be able to go out for desert afterwards!

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