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January 26, 2010

The Purpose Of Lifetime Balance Transfer Credit Cards

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The reason to use lifetime balance transfer credit cards is to get out of credit card debt. You have probably looked at your mountain of credit card bills, especially those store cards with their exorbitant interest rates and wondered how you wound up in so much debt. The first answer is overspending, but the second is interest.

Take almost any credit card and you will see that you are spending upwards of 15% on interest alone. Add to that the fact that interest compounds and your balance can easily multiply from the amount you actually spent.

There is only one way to get out of credit debt and that is to pay off your balance. Of course, paying off your actual balance is difficult when interest fees add up at such an alarmingly fast rate. This is the purpose of lifetime balance transfer credit cards, to save all that interest money.

By moving your balance or balances over to a lower rate interest card you can reduce the amount you spend on those fees by hundreds if not thousands of dollars. That makes your monthly payments lower and frees up cash to kick toward your bill. Paying off your bill faster saves money on interest charges.

The reason to choose lifetime balance transfer credit cards over a zero balance transfer has to do with the amount of debt that you carry. If it is substantial you probably can not pay off your debt within the six or twelve months that the zero interest period lasts on those cards. Once that period is over the rates jump right back up, probably close to what you were paying on the old card. That is no way to save money. The lifetime card remains at a low rate until that balance transfer is cleared.

Lifetime balance transfer credit cards:

* Low interest rates that are either fixed, meaning they remain the same all the time, or variable, meaning they stay low but adjust with the market rates.
* Faster pay off means more savings. These cards still accrue interest, just at a slower rate. Even though you have a long time to pay off your debt you will maximise your savings by setting up a budget to pay it off as soon as you are able.
* Never miss payments. One of the things that trips people up are the terms that come with a credit card. Usually if you slip up and miss or make a late payment you will not only get hit with a fee but you will lose your low interest rate. Do not do this, not ever.

It is easy to save money with lifetime balance transfer credit cards. All you have to do is decide that you are ready to stop paying high interest rates and start paying off your debt. Make the transfer and save the cash, it is really just that easy.

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